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【DSE English Writing】英文作文5**示例-2020 Part B question 7



Want to score 5** in the DSE English Language Paper 2 Writing Section?


In addition to learning more useful English writing skills and sentence patterns, you should look at examples of essays that have scored 5**.


The sample essay provided in this article is taken from the level 5 example in the Samples of Candidates' Performance posted by the HKEAA each year. The question of the essay comes from a news report.


The original text was revised by our professional English tutor. We corrected all grammatical and spelling errors, as well as improper use of words/ phases, while strictly retaining the original content to ensure that it is as close to the 5** level as possible.


【DSE English Writing】英文作文5**示例 - By Topics

Learning English through Poems and Songs

2020 Part B question 7

You are a reporter for Do-Re-Mi, a music magazine. You interviewed Zoe Kwan, who has just won ‘Best New Artist’ at the HKTV Music Awards.

  • Write a feature article based on your interview

  • Report on Zoe’s sudden rise to fame and where the ideas behind her songs came from

From a Band 3 student to a Rising Artist

Doomed the ‘Composing Gains’, singer-songwriter Zoe Kwan recently won "Best New Artist" at the HKTV Music Awards in her freshman year in the music industry. Currently, at the age of 10, Zoe is the youngest artist ever to be around this title of the renowned HKTV Music Awards. Other than augmenting her fame and popularity, this title had aroused the multitude’s curiosity towards this young girl. Read on to find out more about Zoe.

As a juvenile, the sudden rise to fame was a surprise to Zoe. Her debut album released approximately half a year ago received wide compliments from both the public and the music industry, which was shouting the news to her. “ I never imagined earning popularity and success” she confessed, “ all I ever wanted was to produce my songs, reveal my personal feelings and follow my instincts and aspirations on music”. Though surprised. She was grateful for being acknowledged and is thankful for the love an average has shown her.

Becoming under the limelight also proposed to her to continue producing and composing better music. “I am ever so grateful for the support I have received. Yet there is nothing much I can reciprocate to all the people supporting me. The only thing I can do is to devote myself to producing better music, in hopes to give back to my supporters.” Zoe mentioned. Despite not exporting the spotlight, fan bases and supporters are of paramount importance to artists. Feeling acknowledged and appreciated immensely motivates them to continue to stride on their path.

Despite her increasing fame, Zoe remains humble and keen to learn. Although she feels aesthetic and overjoyed to have received her seniors’ approval and praise she yearns to move for their advice and suggestions “ I’m still a newbie in this industry and this is just your first album”, she explained. ''I have a longing for the betterment of my music and enriching and strengthening my abilities by learning from my seniors”. When asked how she felt towards her instant fame, she mentioned being grateful for being praised as “talented’. However, she prefers being an untalented musician ''Being talented may make one lazy and unwilling to improve but being untalented is what nudes, inspires, and illuminates one for improvement and going beyond limits”. Amid the praise and compliments, this saves as her motto and is what she keeps booting in mind, reminding herself of her rationale.

Speaking of Zoe many may wonder what her rationale behind her music is and what inspires her to write her well-received songs. She confessed that the story behind her self-composed pieces was her experience “ I was once a Band 3 student who encountered many predicaments and plights on academics.” Zoe reached. The disappointing academic results were frustrating for her and she rants her feelings through writing songs. “It all started with a random occasion,” she said during an interview. “ I simply wrote short fragments of words and tried humming melodies according to rhythms and suddenly a short raze of a song was completed” she jokingly said. That was when she realized her interest in music and how much music alienated her stress.

After getting approval from a music company with her early-composed songs, she sought ideas for her songs in her debut album from her experience. “ This is my debut album, I wanted to portray my experience and depict what kind of a person I am through this album.” The album was notably meaningful to her. Thus, she encompassed her experience of facing academic burden and embodied how she recovered from the stress after realizing her ambition, shaping her hit tracks such as “Cost and Found”.

Another idea behind her songs was to enlighten youngsters around her age, particularly students to seek for and chase after their dreams, instead of solely being all-consumed by studying or becoming depressed because of undesirable results. “I was once like that, too,” she said, with composure. “But if I can find an optimistic future, I believe that all students can, too.” She aspires that her songs and her experience can lift youngsters out of misery. “Influencing others' lives, striking a chord in others, and allowing people to resonate with my songs is my greatest ambition and honor,” she added.

For now, she plans to embark upon a different genre of music composing more sophisticated lyrics and exposing hasn't to a myriad of music styles. Let us look forward to her next comeback with her most updated songs and her continual improvement.

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【DSE English Writing】英文作文5**示例 - By Topics

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